Review websites and their purposeI don’t know about you but every time I start to look on the internet to find information on a product I like to purchase I am having a hard time finding independent and unbiased reviews from people who really bought the product and tell about it.

Some sites are just built to make money and to make you click on their info and go to the store and buy the product so they get paid.
Like I wrote in previous post.

I am no saying that all product review sites are that way but quit a few are.
If you are tired of trying to find the website that gives you better information keep on reading.

There are ways to find out if the site you are trying to find info on is legitimate or just made to let you buy the products.

Tips to find a good review site

  • Should have a name on it
  • Should have a contact page
  • Preferably a Picture of the owner
  • Disclaimer page

This is in my opinion the bare minimum to check if the site is a legit site or a BS site.

Information needed for a good review

It is very important to see what type of information there is in the individual reviews. If the page is filled with “click here” and “buy here” buttons I would stay away from it.

To many positive and no negative point is also a clear indicator. After all no product is 100% perfect and only has raving reviews.

If there however is a sufficient amount of information and you find you questions answered in a well written way you are probably on a good review site.

I can give you a personal example of a site I stumbled upon not too long ago looking for some products.
The site I found the reviews is better priced online and you can find it here:
They do all kind of home and garden product reviews in a very professional way.

If you have a look at the site you can see it has all the features I wrote about earlier and the owner response very fast to comments and answers questions in these responses.
The contact information is present and the option to email is like it should be.
This site I trust to use for a referral and buy what they claim as a good buy.

Another type of a good review site and totally different from the one I talked about above is a niche specific review site.
Many of these are started out of frustration of not being able to find answers of product by people who either work or have a hobby in that niche.

I have seen several of these niche specific sites that give more and more valuable information than many manufacturer websites do.
Reason is that many of these people are very passionate about there hobby or work an like to share that with other people. You can find many of these websites for just as many hobbies as there are.

In my opinion these sites will provide you with all the information you need in an unbiased and honest way. Reason is that many of these owners have a reputation to keep and this is why they will not compromise their integrity with writing just to make a few dollars.

After reading my tips to help you find the right review sites I think you are now able to recognize a bad site and a good site. Steer away from bad sites and keep supporting the better sites since those people usually make only pennies for the hours they spend keeping their site up to date and filled with useful information.

Feel free to leave a comment in the section below and share your opinion with us.

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